5050 Champions


Originally created as a part of the City of Atlanta's Resilience Strategy, Imagine 5050 brings communities together to envision a racially equitable metro Atlanta region.  We are beginning by celebrating everyday stories of resilience.

When we considered how to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King's assassination, we could think of no better way than honoring those who have championed the ideals of his legacy each and everyday in metro Atlanta communities.  Over 75 people joined us on April 4, 2018 at the Center for Civil and Human Rights.

Together, we will be highlighting people and organizations living out Dr. King's legacy in their everyday life.  The following Imagine 5050 champions spotlighted here, attended our initial launch.

Look for more opportunities to share what you are doing.

Spotlight Archbishop Kirby Clements, Sr.

Archbishop Kirby Clements, DDS

Community of the Holy Spirit

"Hope is knowing the difference between a challenge that is temporary or permanent." - Bishop Kirby Clements

Dr. Kirby Clements Sr. has served in ministry leadership for more than 30 years as a prophet and archbishop of churches in Africa, Asia, Europe, South America, and Australia. His writings and ministry have focused upon the mission and government of the church. His abilities as a negotiator have enabled him to bring guidance and crisis resolution to ministries at all levels of their development. His insights concerning gifts, callings, and ministry functions have been invaluable to churches, conferences, and summit meetings .

Eriqah Vincent and Na'Taki Jelks

Eriqah Vincent, Just Energy Portfolio Manager

Partnership for Southern Equity

I am passionate about working with communities across the south, starting with Atlanta to create fair infrastructure opportunities and elevate the voices of the people and communities muted by institutional racism.

Na'Taki Jelks, PhD, MPH, Board Chair

West Atlanta Watershed Alliance


Michelle Schreiner and Deborah Nicholson

Michelle Schreiner, Board Chair

Athena's Warehouse

I am passionate about removing the barriers that get in the way of our teen girls' ability to thrive and reach their greatest potential. We are fighting for their safety and well-being and we appreciate the community's support in continuing this important work.

Deborah Nicholson, Principal Consultant

People-To-People Enterprises Inc.

I am most excited and passionate about engaging the possibilities and potentialities of being in the world.

James Scott

Executive Director and President

Sparrow’s Nest Athens/People Living in Recovery Inc.

As a person in long term recovery who has a heart for the lost and those who are considered last, I am passionate about rescuing people. 

McKenzie Wren

Chief Engagement Officer

Culture on Purpose

I most excited that so many people are thinking and talking about racism and willing to come to the table to learn more about systemic racism, implicit bias and more. I feel hopeful in the face of this huge conversation.

Assistant Chief Curtis Clemons (middle) with Major Everett Spellman (left) and Major JD McClure (right)

Curtis Clemons, Assistant Chief of Operations

Gwinnett County Police Department

At this time I am most excited and passionate about reconnecting with the community and local law enforcement for social and political change. The trust between the community and local law enforcement is the foundation of a successful and vibrant future for all citizens and it must be cultivated.

Anne Haimes and Trish Treadwell

Anne Haimes, Retired

Atlanta-Fulton Public Library

As a retiree, I am most excited about the opportunities this area affords to network with neighbors and give back to the community.

Trish Treadwell, Board Chair

Trees Atlanta

Amber Scott

Executive Director and Founder

The Leapyear

I am passionate about creating a new generation of college educated changemakers. I believe it is crucial that we are preparing the next generation to become the changemakers our communities need.

Alexia Jones

Executive Director and Founder

R2ISE, Inc.

I am passionate about helping others walk in their supreme level of wellness.

Ann Cramer and Folashade Alao

Folashade Alao, Principal Program Specialist

Regional Leadership Institute

This is a critical time in our region's history and I am happy to support and partner with people who are doing amazing and powerful work. Our region is dynamic, and diverse and collectively as well as in our own spheres, we can move the region with a new vision of community that are equitable, economies that are innovative, and cities that are livable.

Thais Davis

Regional Member Services Coordinator

Black Greeks Speak Social Justice and Human Rights Council

I am most excited about the opportunity to collaborate on transformative work for the Metro Atlanta area with like minded organizations. Though it may come with challenges, this is the most rewarding work of my life. I believe that the power of togetherness will take us far.

Cicely Garrett, Adria Kitchens, Jenn Graham, Dietra Hawkins

Cicely, Garrett, Deputy Chief Resilience Officer, City of Atlanta Mayor's Office of Resilience

Adria Kitchens, Executive Director and Co-Founder One Small Change Inc

Jenn Graham, CEO and Co-Founder, Civic Dinners

Dietra Hawkins, CEO and Principal Consultant, Both And Partners and Co-Founder, One Small Change Inc

Toni Ethridge (not pictured), Board Director and Co-Founder, One Small Change Inc


Hello and welcome! 

We are so excited that you are joining us on this Imagine 5050 journey.  Over the past several months, we have worked to create an appropriate space and container for the metro Atlanta community to engage this important conversation around structural racism.  We recognize that it is by building relationships and being willing to have courageous conversations that we will begin the process of dismantling the harms that structural racism has caused all of us.  We are passionate and committed to doing the hard work of this!  We hope that you will join us and we look forward to working with you!

From the Imagine 5050 Team!

Cicely, Adria, Jenn, Dietra, and Toni